SMS Marketing and why you need it!

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The basics to begin with. What is SMS marketing? Well, it is marketing through the use of text messages. It is as simple as it sounds. These days, almost everyone has a mobile phone capable of receiving text messages. Most people cannot go a day without access to their phones and this is a way to get to those potential customers. Get their attention and then they could become customers.

The Rules

Would it surprise you to learn that there are rules to go with SMS messaging? I mean it seems so new, right? Well, there are rules. For example. You need to ensure that all people receiving text messages have opted into the service. A phone number is incredibly private and no one wanted it given to other people without permission. SMS messages have a very high click-through rate, but that does not mean much if they are not opened in the first place.

People check texts almost the moment that they are opened. This means that you need to be mindful of when you send messages. Try to am for when most people would be awake and in the right timezone. This second bit is easy to forget. But no one would like the company that woke them unnecessarily from their sleep to send an advert. On that note, check the laws of the country you are sending texts to. Some countries have strict rules about when you can send a text!

Always include your companies name in the advert. There are a lot of cons out there, it is a fact of life. So many people use text messages as a way to steal and con people. Including your companies name can reduce the number of people who think that you are another con. Plus if you send customers a promo code, how will they know where to spend it if you do not include your company name.

Use it to complement your current marketing strategy. Make sure that what you are offering is in line with your other offers so as to not confuse the customers. If they are confused, they will likely no take the chance of not taking either offer. Don’t confuse your customers!!!!

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