Universal Web Design are an honest, transparent, open, ethical and trustworthy company which operates in business to make a profit through working with commercial enterprises who are also operating with the same intentions; to sell great services and products for a fair price to make a profit to ensure the suppliers, staff and charities we support is sustained on an ongoing basis. Below we have listed charities we help and support at present, however, we are open to working with more charities, particularly as we grow as a commercial enterprise as we want to support those in need of help and do for the greater good.
Sawyers Church
Sawyers Church are a church with a modern twist as they not only conduct traditional ceremonies and services but are much more with various community-based services provided throughout the year. Services that Sawyers Church provide to the local community include but are not limited to; local events, Sunday services, youth events, events for children, parent support with babies and toddlers as well as street pastors for the local young adults who enjoy a tipple of a weekend in Brentwood.
Carers Trust
Carers Trust looks after carers throughout the UK by offering support, training, guidance, counseling, financial support and transport for carers who work throughout the UK. Carers Trust also help recruit carers to work in various locations to help those who need the support most. Carers Trust are a multi award winning organisation and highly regarded! If you wish to become a carer or want further information,

feel free to look at their website.

Only Cowards Carry
Only Cowards Carry was founded by mother (Caroline Shearer) in memory of 17-year-old son Jay Whiston of Clacton-on-Sea in Essex. Jay was a delightful young man, loved and appreciated by all those who knew him. Devastatingly, Jay was stabbed at a friends house party and ever since Caroline has been building a force of campaigners and educators to prevent knife crime. The story is truly touching and Caroline is an amazing woman who is battling every day to ensure no mother has to go through the heart-ache she and her family went through in 2012.
Brainwave is a children’s charity based along the Witham high street in Essex and is a charity set up to help and support children who are struggling with a variety of unusual and unfortunate disabilities. Challenges no mother would want any child to ever have to encounter and overcome. Disabilities often include; cerebral palsy, autism, genetic disorders and down syndrome. Brainwave believes that every child deserves opportunities in life and to reach their maximum potential. We agree and this is why we support such a great cause.
Secret Hamper

Secret Hamper was created out of a desire to help others embrace their inner superhero and spread some joy. Everybody needs some extra support from time to time so Secret Hamper is a way to give to those who people. The range of hampers offered has been specially developed to provide recipients with a variety of essentials. We agree, everybody should channel their inner superhero and that is why we support this amazing charity.