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What is PPC?

Pay Per Click (PPC) is an online advertising solution designed to support businesses and organisations looking to generate enquiries quickly online. Pay per click advertising is often used and seen throughout Google. Essentially all listings with ‘Ad’ below the listing as a an advert. Other search engines also offer pay-per-click advertising solutions, although, Google is the most used due to its high search volume usage.

Unlike search engine optimisation, there is no need to wait for your website to rank top for any given search term as Google’s pay per click advertising system enables companies or agencies such as ourselves to ensure your website is displayed in front of prospective customers within a few days, if not hours.

As with all marketing and advertising, a short sighted approach could prove costly, as the cost per click often decreases in relation to long term investment, advert accuracy and landing page relevance, all of which can take time to perfect, however doing so will decrease your cost per click, therefore making it a sustainable option for most businesses.

Businesses can advertise from as little as £1 per day with no upper limit.

Most organisations employ the services of a digital agency such as Universal Web Design to ensure their pay per click campaign is setup properly, performing effectively and being monitored and adjusted as and when needed.

All too often when companies take hold of the reigns themselves, their budget depletes quickly unbeknown to them as to why. Hence why organisations outsource this specialist area to Universal Web Design.

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