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by | Oct 19, 2020 | Unassigned

So you have made the decision to launch your business online. Good idea, considering in this modern world, everything and everyone seems to be online 24/7. However, the next conundrum will be, who will you choose to produce and launch your website?

Universal Web Design is an award-winning web design company located in Essex. With over 600 businesses selecting Universal Web Design as their digital marketing partner, the proof is in the pudding!

No matter the size of your business, we have a range of packages to create a website for you and launch your business online.

Already got a website? No problem

With the help of Universal Web Design, improve the weak points in your website. Learn which aspects of your website can be improved to better your search ranking, visibility, traffic, and increase enquiries. 

Why choose Universal Web Design?

We at Universal Web Design take a personal approach to your website design. Your business is unique, therefore, your website should be as well. No matter the package, we will make sure your website is not only visually impressive whilst being easy to navigate and full of useful content, but we also ensure such contents of your website are never lost with regular backups. 

By having a Universal Web Design website, you will be able to see the rewards for yourself through analytical reports. Through Google analytics we can see how many visitors are clicking on your website and how regularly. Such information can be sent to you within a report upon your request.

The web design packages on offer at Universal Web Design are clearly explained and priced, offering businesses the ability to pick the right option for them. From Bronze to Platinum Plus, businesses are able to choose a package that fits their needs and their budget. 

Bronze is the most simple of the package options, offering a website design with up to 3 pages, weekly backups, and hosting for an additional £10 per month. From Bronze, Gold, and Platinum follow, increasing in content and pages. The largest package is Platinum Plus. Platinum Plus offers website design and build with up to 25 pages for those wanting a more informative website.

Once your package has been selected, Universal Web Design will work with your specifications to produce a website that fulfills all your requirements. We at Universal Web Design understand that a good website is not just skin deep, our expert team can produce a website that is search engine friendly.

We know the importance of good web design and visibility. In addition to web design, our expert team can also manage your site’s search engine optimisation and pay per click to maximise visibility. 

Contact Universal Web Design

For any queries or further information on how Universal Web Design can launch your business online, call us today on  01206 588000 and speak to one of our friendly members of staff.

Or email if you have any questions regarding any services on offer by UWD.