Considering E-Commerce

by | Sep 22, 2020 | Unassigned

As a small business, you may not have considered launching your business online yet, let alone considering e-commerce. However as the high street has become noticeably quieter, many shops are closing due to the stronger online presence. 

What is E-Commerce?

Simply put, it’s the transactions completed electrically, using the internet. It is used for buying and selling products and services.

What can E-commerce do for you?

  • A larger pool of potential clients

Your business can go from local to national. A larger pool of clients will in turn, create a greater chance of additional sales.

  • Marketing with ease

As a business, you will be able to have a greater online presence through marketing tools on offer at Universal Web Design (UWD). Being able to link your social sites and newsletter emails directly to your site will allow ease of access.

  • Branding

Offering an online site allows your business to look professional at all times. Unlike a shop that can look unclean or messy, a website with UWD constantly looks smart and neat. From the point of sale, you are able to package and send your items without the eyes of your customers, potentially giving you the time and opportunity to brand your packages to your desire.

  • Shop in comfort and safety

Most importantly, considering e-commerce allows your customers to shop online safely. Many are avoiding unnecessary travel at such a time, and unfortunately, it is the retail industry that is taking a hit. Giving your customers the option to shop in the comfort of their own home allows them all the perks of shopping with none of the worries of having to leave their houses.

  • Offer more variety

Considering e-commerce allows your offering to be as large as you so wish. No longer restricted to four walls, your range can be as small or varied as you like whilst still being able to control stock levels in your back of house system. 

  • Save on rental and rates

Many are finding that moving online is far more productive for them and their business. Because of this, some are choosing to physically shut up shop and transfer purely to online. Lowering the bottom line of a business can considerably help the survival of a business and many are finding that saving on rental and rates is crucial to survival. 

Working With You

Universal Web Design listens and works with you, the client closely to ensure your online store fits your exact specifications and branding. Our dedicated team of experts use their knowledge and previous experience to design a website that is easy to use with an e-commerce platform to transport your business into the online world.

So, to find out more about how Universal Web Design can help transfer your business onto the online world by calling us today on 01206 588000 and speak to one of our friendly members of staff.

Or email with any questions and queries.